Legal Documents

The following comprise the key legal documents related to the sale and privatization of a two large segments of Lake Texoma State Park in 2008.  Those governing the Corps of Engineers’ federal land transfer, and the Commissioners of the Land Office are provided by links to those agencies. The remainder were acquired through Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) or state Public Records Act requests.

 Corps of Engineers Documents: 

Lake Texoma Land Transfer (WRDA 1999) Tulsa District Online Library

20040810_Corps Announces Environmental Assessment on Land Transfer

20050401_Draft Environmental Assessment for 564 Acre Land Transfer

20050601_Final Environmental Assessment for Lake Texoma Land Sale

20090507_Lake Texoma State Park Comprehensive Development Plan

20090922_Scoping Summary on Proposed 1,022 Acre “Area C” Land Sale

 Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) Act Grants seven signed contracts between National Park Service & Oklahoma Tourism and Recreation

19671001 LWCF Project Agreement 35-00040

19680125 LWCF Project Agreement 35-00049

19700701 LWCF Project Agreement 40-00079

19730531 LWCF Project Agreement 40-00229

19770926 LWCF Project Agreement 40-00592

19831130 LWCF Project Agreement 40-00901

19881231 LWCF Project Agreement 40-00904

KEY Letter from OTRD to NPS Stating that Lake Texoma State Park is federally-protected. Note that “basically all” of the park falls within the 6f boundaries, including the new Chickasaw Pointe Golf Course which will convert former campgrounds to a golf course.

19970623 Kris Marek letter to NPS, and Response

20090204_Tourism Dept Response to Friends of Lake Texoma State Park

20090827_OTRD’s “Texoma FAQs Re: Lake Texoma Development Project


 Letters from US Fish and Wildlife Service to US Army Corps of Engineers documenting ongoing mismanagement of Lake Texoma and the absence of a privatization option in their June, 2005 Environmental Assessment on the Lake Texoma Land Transfers authorized by WRDA 1999:

20010228 DOI FWS Lettr2 USACE

20030219 DOI FWS to USACE

20041006 DOI FWS Lttr USACE

20081202 DOI FWS Letter2 USACE


 State of Oklahoma Commissioners of the Land Office

20041101_Lake Texoma Redevelopment RFP

Pointe Vista Purchase Agreement Documents

 20080403_CLO Meeting Minutes