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2013 is a good year to stand up for our public parks.

Lake Texoma State Park was only partially sold in 2008. All of the best campgrounds surrounding Catfish Bay on the eastern side and south of Rooster Creek, are part of the 1,022 acres designated as “Area C.”  These are the park lands, along with some of the most pristine federal lands south of the park along the shoreline, which Pointe Vista would like to purchase. But since they abandoned their EIS long ago, we have good reason to celebrate a victory over any continued privatization of those campgrounds and public lands.

Pointe Vista’s EIS would have included the two land segments they purchased in 2008, Areas A and B, to address the cumulative impacts of their entire potential 3,000 acre development.  The Corps of Engineers failed to conduct a full EIS on that land, so they included it this time.  Since they abandoned the study, now Pointe Vista has no environmental approvals at all on any of their property.

When they demolished 18 former state park cabins last summer, it was in response to advice they received from Governor Mary Fallin and her Tourism Department Director Deby Snodgrass who is a Public Relations professional.

Rather than comply with all federal environmental laws, as required in their land purchase agreements with the state Commissioners of the Land Office, they decided to opt for a deceptive PR campaign to create the public perception that they were in compliance.  Shame on Governor Fallin and Director Snodgrass and Pointe Vista for trying to pull one over on their constituents!!

Now they have nothing to work with, no EIS, no investors, no public confidence, just a lot of hot air and empty promises.  This is a very good time for us to initiate a campaign confronting the Corps of Engineers for their mismanagement of federal lands, and the Commissioners of the Land Office for their complicity in illegally privatizing what was the crown jewel of Oklahoma’s state parks.

Visualize Lake Texoma State Park restored to the public domain.  That means we own it again! Visualize it fully restored by the federal and state governments responsible for selling it in the first place. Visualize the park on an opening day, complete with a two-star hotel and all of the campgrounds renovated and both golf course restored.

Would you like to have your park back?  It’s a vision that is possible, if you and your friends get involved.  We will likely have to sue in order to get it back, but it will be worth the fight.  JOIN US in this effort,

and Let’s Take Back The Park!!