A Chronology of News Coverage

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7/16/1996 OK Tourism Chief Seeks Sale of Texoma Lodge

8/17/1999 The Water Resources Development Act of 1999 is federal law that authorized land transfers at HugoLake and LakeTexomaState Park to the State of Oklahoma. (Public Law 106-53 – Aug. 17, 1999)

6/18/2005_Changes Coming for State Tourism and Recreation Department

3/15/2006_Land deal near for lake resort area

20060316_Nigh, Gumm and Fallin Announce Texoma Deal

8/11/2006 Several Buyers Interested in Texoma Lodge

8/14/2006 Texoma lodge to remain open

11/20/2006 Lake Texoma Lodge Privatization



3/14/2007_OK-Fallin, Cole file bill that impacts Edmond, Lake Texoma

3/21/2007 Final Piece of the Puzzle in Place for LakeTexoma Development


3/02/2008 Putting Lake Texoma on the Map Again

3/09/2008 FBI Probes Hugo Lake Land Deal

5/09/2008 Tough Questions asked at Marshall Co. meeting

5/16/2008 Chickasaw Pointe Golf Course Reopens

5/21/2008 Pointe Vista Seeks to Buy Catfish Bay Marina

5/21/2008_Pointe Vista, Catfish Bay given 28 days to reach agreement

6/20/2008 LakeTexoma State Lodge and Golf Course is Sold

6/28/2008 Remembering Oklahoma Rep. Terry Hyman

6/30/2008 Oklahoma State Rep. Terry Hyman dead at 56

7/14/2008_An In-depth look at development on Lake Texoma

7/16/2008 Tourism Commission Approves Sale to Pointe Vista Development

7/18/2008 Oakridge Reveals Newly Discovered Documentation Pending Trial

8/17/2008 A Few Property Owners still oppose development

9/18/2008 Last Weekend for Carlotta’s Cantina

11/15/2008 More Controversy over Pointe Vista Development


1/09/2009 Citizens demand AG Edmondson Enforce laws

1/19/2009 Local group says Pointe Vista not obtaining development land legally

3/12/2009 Pointe Vista releases plans in MarshallCounty

9/26/2009 Pointe Vista impact studied by Army Corps of Engineers

Aug/2009 Crowd sounds off on land sale

January 2009 MarshallCounty residents contest privatization of state park

January/2009 Group against Texoma park sale to meet

1/09/2009 Opponents dispute legality of land sale

3/12/2009 Pointe Vista Development TIF Proposal by KTEN

7/14/2009 Marshall County Committee Votes in Favor of “TIF” Deal

7/20/2009 LakeTexoma funding debate continues Thursday

12/04/2009 Development in Marshall County Breaks Ground

12/29/2009 Pointe Vista Development at LakeTexoma


2/17/2010 Old Texoma Lodge Comes Crashing Down

4/14/2010 $750 Million Project Hopes to bring in more Tourism

4/14/2010 OTRD Director Visits Texoma


2/09/2011 Deby Snodgrass to head Oklahoma Tourism Department

5/19/2011 Residents, lawmakers fight park closings

9/06/2011 Oklahoma’s tourism director says parks must remain public

9/14/2011 Why Oklahoma is Closing Parks for the First Time in Almost 10 years

Budget Cuts Mean Fewer State Parks


6/11/2012 Demolition Work To Start at Pointe Vista Site

6/20/2012 New Marshall County Hotel Still Being Planned

6/25/2012 Where Pointe Vista stands today

9/27/2012 Marshall County Residents Attend Meeting on Pointe Vista

10/2012 Commissioners of the Land Office offer update on Pointe Vista


3/01/2013 McClendon and Chesapeake Under SEC Investigation

3/22/2013 New Development Planned for Lake Texoma

3/31/2013 Questions Remain unanswered on Pointe Vista project

5/02/2013 Pointe Vista won’t meet deadline for Lake Texoma project

5/03/2013_State officials listen to concerns on Pointe Vista Development

5/05/2013 Two members of state board say they must not wait for deadline to pass

6/09/2013 Park group asks governor  to stand down on Pointe Vista Development

6/21/2013_Texoma area residents, state officials frustrated w/ stalled Pointe Vista development

6/23/2009_Pointe Vista Timeline