During his first Senate Confirmation Hearing (1/18) we learned a lot about state attorney general Scott Pruitt.  How would he direct the EPA – Environmental Protection Agency?  Is he committed to Clean Water and Clean Air environmental enforcement?  Fourteen of twenty-one federal lawsuits that he filed as Oklahoma’s attorney general were filed against the EPA. […]

Lawsuit Ends in Loss of Lake Texoma State Park The following is a not so brief summary of what happened at Lake Texoma State Park. It continues under terms of the state land commission’s secret “Pointe Vista Settlement Agreement.” It will not be completed until they have sold the 50 acres repurchased from the failed […]

Two weeks ago, on Thursday May 19th, the state Commissioners of the Land Office met at the Capitol Building. Following an Executive Session they quickly took two votes. Those votes authorized the actions they took at the Marshall County clerk’s office on May 12th. They released Pointe Vista from their 2008 redevelopment contracts, while letting […]

Is the State Lands Commission engaged in fraud?

May 17, 2016

Over eight months have passed since Governor Fallin announced, “Settlement Reached in Stalled Lake Texoma Development.” (9/16/2015) Her announcement was premature at best. It was definitely misleading and untrue. Pointe Vista said they spent $560K on their 2009 federal Environmental Impact Statement on the “Area C” federal land sale. This “EIS” would have studied their […]

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