Lawsuit Ends in Loss of State Park

by Keota on 06/17/2016

The following is a not so brief summary of what happened at Lake Texoma State Park. It continues under terms of the state land commission’s secret “Pointe Vista Settlement Agreement.” It will not be completed until they have sold the 50 acres repurchased from the failed developer on May 12th. But, that’s not all that’s contained in the “settlement agreement.”
Remember: Pointe Vista was released from their development requirements, and they were allowed to keep over 700 acres of Lake Texoma State Park. Parts of their land contracts were honored, just not the parts that required the development!
The CLO agreed to honor Pointe Vista’s June, 2008 contract with the Tourism Department. They will continue to pursue the additional Area C federal land, (1,022 acres including all of the campgrounds and hundreds of acres of shoreline south of the park), on Pointe Vista’s behalf. Even though there really is no “Pointe Vista Development.” It was all just a con, an illusion that served the purpose of taking The Park. Looks like it doesn’t it? 🙂
NOTE: One correction up front. “IN THE BEGINNING,” IT WAS ALL INDIAN LAND, before it was taken by eminent domain. The Flood Control Act of 1938 authorized congress to create the Red River Dam. (later named the Denison Dam) Chickasaw and Choctaw lands were condemned to make way for the new federal reservoir – Lake Texoma.

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