OK Senator Josh Brecheen is a Serial Liar

by Stephen on 02/25/2016

Lying OK State Senator Josh Brecheen

Lying OK State Senator Josh Brecheen

More than five months ago our Republican state senator Josh Brecheen from Atoka said he was “concerned” about the proposed Pointe Vista Settlement Agreement. He and State Reps. Tommy Hardin, R-Madill, and Dustin Roberts, R-Durant said “that while the settlement would allow development at Lake Texoma to move ahead, they plan to keep a close eye on the process.”

The Proposed Settlement would eliminate the development.

The proposed settlement doesn’t authorize or approve anything “to move ahead.”

These lying politicians plan to keep a close eye on nothing.

They deliberately lie to the public. And then they say, “God bless.” You are supposed to trust them because they are on the side of The Lord. Jesus would kick their deceitful lying asses.

And Republican Governor Mary Fallin’s office is the delivery system for their rancid serial lies.

“With that said, as area representatives we learned about the settlement ending the lawsuit and the specifics of the new deal only moments before the press release went out informing the public. As we were told of the deal, there are aspects of the negotiated settlement that are promising and some that are concerning,” the lawmakers said.

[The Oklahoman, 9/18/2015] http://newsok.com/article/5447652]

OK, Senator Josh Brecheen, let’s hear you explain the “promising” aspects of this “negotiated settlement.” We have heard not one word from you about Pointe Vista Development in six months.

Where are you Senator Brecheen? Do you think we don’t care about your bullshit empty promises? If so, you are wrong. We do care about your endless lies and service unto Pointe Vista Development.

Rep. Hardin and Sen. Brecheen are keen on distancing themselves from the Pointe Vista settlement. I have no idea who Dustin Roberts is. Maybe he is just along for the ride. Where are you Dustin?

The proposed “Pointe Vista Settlement,”announced almost six months ago, has yet to be submitted to the OK County District Court for approval. This “settlement” could actually end a political career, or two. Heaven forbid these lying bastards gets kicked out of office!

In 2012, Senator Brecheen pleaded with me not to reveal the fact that attorneys from Aubrey McClendons’s law firm, McAffee & Taft, wrote the Pointe Vista Development Purchase Agreements in 2008. These were the land sales contracts signed by Commissioners of the Land Office secretary Clifton Scott and Mark Fischer of Pointe Vista, to take ownership of 758 acres of our federally protected Lake Texoma State Park. Brecheen was concerned that he would lose the trust of the Republican leaders and Governor Fallin if it were revealed that he told me this.

Riding into office on the wings of The Lord, our hypocritical lying Republican state senator, Josh Brecheen is a glowing example of corruption of public office in Oklahoma. Brecheen is one of the worst.

Stephen Willis, Kingston

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