Reject CLO Settlement. Take the case to Trial!

by Stephen on 09/25/2015

Reject Pointe Vista’s Settlement! Take the Case to Trial!

The Commissioners of the Land Office (CLO) said they wanted to move Pointe Vista Development forward. Either that, or take back 758 acres of Lake Texoma State Park. The land was sold to Pointe Vista in exchange for a hotel and convention center that were never built.

After twenty months in Oklahoma County Court, the CLO suddenly dropped their lawsuit against Pointe Vista (PVD). Last week the headlines read: “CLO, PVD Settle Lawsuit. ” However, it has NOT been approved by the judge.

Call the Marshall County Commissioners. ( 580-795-3165). Ask them to:

1) Intervene in the CLO v Pointe Vista court case.
2) Reject the CLO/Pointe Vista sweetheart settlement.
3) Request that Judge Roger Stuart order this case to trial.

The CLO wanted to “move the project off high center.” They wanted to avoid a drawn out legal battle. So what do they propose? They drop their suit and agree to release Pointe Vista from their contract! This is 180 degrees from what they said going into the courts.

How does the development move forward when you cancel their contract?
When they agreed to drop their lawsuit, the CLO sabotaged their own case, and robbed us of our day in court. It’s time for them to prosecute this case. Make your phone calls today!


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