Tomorrow’s edition of The Madill Record hosts a feature PR fluff piece for Pointe Vista Development – “Dozers on the Move at Chickasaw Pointe.” Pointe Vista is currently being sued by the state Commissioners of the Land Office for breach of contract for not delivering on their promised four star hotel.  It doesn’t require […]

One of the interesting things about climate change is the increase in precipitation that goes with increasing atmospheric temperatures. It also causes spikes in cold weather events like the “Arctic Vortexes” we saw this past winter. While we have drought conditions throughout the southwest and Texas including southwestern Oklahoma, we also have the Gulf moisture […]

Lake Texoma: Victim of drought or draining?  Or both? (Kingston, OK) — Is Lake Texoma the victim of an extended drought, outdated federal laws governing hydro-electric power, or both?  A recently formed Lake Texoma community group, “Save Lake Texoma,” will hold their first public meeting Saturday at 1PM in Kingston.  They will be discussing these […]

“What about Lake Texoma’s water?” Meeting 3/15

March 4, 2014

(Marshall County, OK) — Two area groups, Save Lake Texoma and Restore The Park, are co-sponsoring a special public meeting at 1 PM, Saturday, March 15th in Kingston, Oklahoma.  It will be held at the Kingston High School Multi-Purpose Facility located at 411 NE 3rd Street.    Robyn King, founder of “Save Lake Texoma” and […]

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3/15 Lake Texoma Community Meeting Flyer

February 28, 2014

  Lake Texoma Community Meeting 1- 3 PM Saturday, March 15th Kingston Multi-Purpose Facility Kingston, Oklahoma   “Save Lake Texoma” and “Restore Lake Texoma State Park” are sponsoring this event to bring together local residents, public leaders, business owners, and concerned individuals on both sides of Lake Texoma.  We will address our area economy, jobs, […]

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Save Lake Texoma, Restore The Park, Join Hands

February 27, 2014

(Marshall County, OK) — Robyn King of “Save Lake Texoma” and Lisa Davis, Deputy Director of Restore Lake Texoma State Park, recently met to discuss the possibility of merging our two goals under one umbrella organization.  They agreed that a restored park, without access to the water, would be a grim picture. Not that Lake […]

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Let’s Save Lake Texoma and Restore The Park!

February 12, 2014

(Marshall County, OK) — Restore The Park is now reaching out to thousands of area residents and businesses who comprise “Save Lake Texoma.”  Our unique goals will have better chances of success if we work together when possible.  Robyn King of Kingston, is the founder of Save Lake Texoma.  Both groups can be found on […]

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State Lawsuit Claims Pointe Vista Failed

January 14, 2014

Rather than wait until May, the Commissioners of the Land Office (CLO) filed suit against Pointe Vista Development in Oklahoma County District Court last Thursday (1/9). Their petition asks the court to either force Pointe Vista to move ahead with the project or sell the former state park land back to the state. Since Pointe […]

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State Should Withhold Lake Texoma Land Title

January 9, 2014

Until Outstanding Legal Issues with Pointe Vista are Resolved, State Commission Should Withhold Lake Texoma Park Land Title  (Marshall County, OK) –  The Commissioners of the Land Office will hold their last meeting before the end of the month, when they plan to accept $14.6 million from a private developer for 758 acres of Lake […]

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CLO Admits There is No Pointe Vista Lawsuit

December 23, 2013

(Marshall County, OK) — For over a decade, Mary Fallin and the Commissioners of the Land Office (CLO) were the chief architects and promoters of privatizing Lake Texoma State Park.  But after years of promises and false starts, the proposed high-end resort development never materialized. Last week, the CLO voted to pursue litigation against Pointe […]

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