When Privatization Becomes Theft Beginning in the early 1980’s about the time Ronald Reagan was elected president, we started hearing a lot about deregulation, outsourcing and privatization.  Many government and industry officials felt that they could do a better job of voluntarily regulating themselves if they were given the chance.  They also felt that government […]

Note: Oklahoma state auditor Gary Jones and the CLO are obligated to protect the public interest in Lake Texoma State Park which was wrongfully privatized in 2008.  Pointe Vista is attempting residential development at Chickasaw Pointe.  This and their petition for a new Rural Water and Sewer District to serve their residential rental project should […]

(Marshall County, OK) —  Pointe Vista Development owners Mark and Scott Fischer recently submitted a petition to the Marshall County Commissioners for a new rural water and sewer district to serve their construction of rental town homes at Chickasaw Pointe Golf Course.  This “Area A” was the first of two land parcels purchased in 2008. […]

Pointe Vista Continues Deceptive PR Tactics

August 13, 2014

Often when controversial issues enter the courts, a virtual firewall is erected between the litigants and the taxpayers.  Legal proceedings are assumed to be “too complex” for the general public, and they are simply ignored and go unreported until final rulings are issued. In the case of the state of Oklahoma Commissioners of the Land […]

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Who do Sen. Brecheen & Rep. Hardin Represent?

June 22, 2014

Last December, I invited OK State Senator Josh Brecheen and State Representative (Dist. 49) Tommy Hardin to a Kingston Town Hall meeting. We wanted to address two problems at Lake Texoma: Pointe Vista Development’s non-performance and breach of contract for a hotel and convention center, and our severely low lake levels. As an independent journalist, […]

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Pointe Vista Financing District is Dissolved

June 2, 2014

(Marshall County, OK) — The Marshall County Commissioners voted this morning to rescind and dissolve the Pointe Vista Development Tax Increment Financing (TIF) District which was originally approved on July 24, 2009.  “The TIF is gone,” said commissioner Chris Duroy who represents the town of Kingston. The TIF district was “comprised of approximately 2,655 acres […]

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Pointe Vista PR Sidesteps Hotel Requirement

May 8, 2014

(Marshall County, OK)  — Last week, The Madill Record reported that Pointe Vista Development “Expands Phase One to include Stay-and-Play Vacation, Corporate Retreat Units on Course.”  KXII TV reported on this last night and Kingston residents, Meagan Lazur and Jack Scott, were not impressed. [See  the video link.] Pointe Vista is being sued by the […]

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Governor Mary Fallin’s Pointe Vista Connection

April 16, 2014

  Tomorrow’s edition of The Madill Record hosts a feature PR fluff piece for Pointe Vista Development – “Dozers on the Move at Chickasaw Pointe.” Pointe Vista is currently being sued by the state Commissioners of the Land Office for breach of contract for not delivering on their promised four star hotel.  It doesn’t require […]

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Save Lake Texoma & Restore The Park

April 7, 2014

One of the interesting things about climate change is the increase in precipitation that goes with increasing atmospheric temperatures. It also causes spikes in cold weather events like the “Arctic Vortexes” we saw this past winter. While we have drought conditions throughout the southwest and Texas including southwestern Oklahoma, we also have the Gulf moisture […]

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Senator Ellis on Lake Texoma, Water & Parks 3/15

March 11, 2014

Lake Texoma: Victim of drought or draining?  Or both? (Kingston, OK) — Is Lake Texoma the victim of an extended drought, outdated federal laws governing hydro-electric power, or both?  A recently formed Lake Texoma community group, “Save Lake Texoma,” will hold their first public meeting Saturday at 1PM in Kingston.  They will be discussing these […]

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